The Biorock® method is a revolutionary solution applicable to an increasing range of problematic environmental conditions coastal nations are presently facing on a global scale. Compared to traditional alternatives the Biorock method is the most cost-effective and environmentally beneficial solution available for protecting coastal resources from the effects of global warming and global sea level rise.

Led by Professor Wolf Hilbertz and Dr. Tom Goreau of the Global Coral Reef Alliance, Biorock technology has been researched and developed by a pioneering team of dedicated individuals for the past 30 years. The method has been uniquely applied to solving a wide variety of marine and costal problems including coral reef and fishery habitat restoration, shoreline protection, and erosion control measures.

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Coral Reef Restoration Fishery Habitat Restoration Seagrass 
Shoreline Protection and Erosion Control
Formally known as Seament and Seacrete, Biorock® is a patented method based on Mineral Accretion Technology invented by Professor Wolf Hilbertz and Dr Tom Goreau. Unauthorized use or replication of the technology is strictly forbidden and violates intellectual property and patent laws. Permission to use the technology is granted through licensing agreements issued under the discretion of the Global Coral Reef Alliance and Biorock International Corporation. Please contact us for additional information about our services and technologies. Beware of Imitators