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Corals of Trawangan

Thu, 04/12/2012 - 05:41 -- admin-media

2011 Telly winner for Documentary

This story of one man's journey to restore destroyed coral reefs around Indonesia's Gili Trawangan is part of a larger documentary, called "Putting the Pieces Together."

Carefully crafted by Seth Greenspan (Producer, Director, Editor, Director of Photography and Underwater Camera, Animation and Graphics Design, and original Musical Composition), the full-length "Putting the Pieces Together" follows two coral restoration projects on opposite sides of the globe. Presented with spectacular underwater video in full HD, this educational and informative show chronicles the efforts of two separate projects, one in Florida and one in Indonesia, as they strive to repair damage to coral reefs from global climate change and destructive fishing practices.

"Corals of Trawangan," presented here, is a collection of segments from "Putting the Pieces Together" that document Dr. Tom Goreau's efforts Indonesia. In a workshop setting, Dr. Goreau and his team of talented volunteers work to create a series of artificial reefs called Biorocks, and deploy them around the island in an effort to regrow coral and stop the rampant beach erosion.